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Handheld Wireless Smart Vacuum

The Aspira Pro is a powerful multipurpose vacuum cleaner that incorporates sweeping, mopping, washing and additional cleaning activities. Additionally, it has a high efficiency, long battery life and high-speed capabilities. It’s anti-hair tangling feature also makes it simple to remove hair.

High efficiency Long battery life High speed

The Aspira Pro is equipped with multiple functions and excellent performance: Auto Intelligent dust sensor can sensitively detect the inhaled dust concentration and ground environment, adjusting the suction and speed automatically, which benefits the user from the constant laboring and improves cleaning efficiency. Also, the 100,000-rpm high-speed motor can output the strong suction power up to 150 AW, which can effortlessly vacuum the dust on the ground. The Double Precision Filtration technology can effectively vacuum the dust and 99.99% of all pollutants above 0.3 microns which distinctly declines the possibility of suffering from secondary pollution in your home.

Filtering effect

Strong suction

User-friendly Design

One-click dumping is available by taking the vacuum’s dust tank and aiming it at the bin, which is time-saving and efficiency-improving. In addition, the Aspira Pro vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special charging base, which can be charged without the frequent plugging and unplugging operations like other brands. The Aspira Pro’s modern stand design allows you to conveniently place the vacuum cleaner anywhere in your home for storage and space-saving.

Long Battery Life

The dual detachable batteries of the Aspira Pro vacuum cleaner have seven 2500 mAh high-capacity cells and two replaceable battery packs that prolong the battery life. At full charge, both batteries will last 3.5 hours. Powerful battery that will last for hours makes the Aspira Pro the most performant vacuum cleaner.

High-end Material & Exquiste Appearance

The Aspira Pro’s body is built of PC + ABS alloy and has a V0 grade flame resistance and fireproof properties. Additionally, the UV engraving and paint processes that are used significantly improve the texture and give the Aspira Pro an exquisite, refined appearance.

Aspira Pro Tech Specs

  • Rated Voltage100V – 240V
  • Ground Run Time110 Minutes
  • Full time charge120 minutes
  • Suction Power150Aw
  • Dimensions1220 x 250 x 115 mm
  • Body Weight1.65 Kg
  • Dustbin Capacity0.4 L
  • Rated Power40 W
  • Warranty2-year limited warranty

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