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Researched Backed Solutions

Atmos C researchers and scientists hard at work will devise a plan of action to deliver the optimum air quality while taking into consideration location, area of desired cleaning, and related industry.


Atmos C will deliver the calculated necessity in the form of our industry leading Air Purifers and HVAC flters.

Pure Air Experience

Your location is A-Zone certifed and now meets the A-zone standard of what businesses need to follow to allow their employees and clientele to come together in an environment that protects them and shields them from any impurities in the air.

A-Zone Certifcation

We know the importance of quality indoor air at home. But what about our workplaces? 30% of our daily lives are spent in the confines our employment. It is time we offer our employees and clients alike the quality of air we have all come to know and appreciate.

This is why we are launching our A-Zone initiative. A platform that allows AtmosC to work closely with businesses providing them with the Pure Air Experience.

A concrete plan engineered to their needs, our team of researchers will devise a parameter that will attest to an A-Zone certification. This ensures that the backbone of any business and their employees, will be better equipped to function and perform at their peak potentials.

AtmosC also integrates the clients’ desires to enter an environment that offers air that is void of any impurities. With the coming times, clientele are ever more aware of the environment they are exposed to when browsing through their favourite comic store, shopping at their retailer of choice, or having a coffee at the corner café.

The A-Zone initiative is a way for businesses to give back to their hard working employees and to their clientele in the form of clean air.

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