MEDWash Pro RX

Destroy Virus & Bacteria Like a Pro

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AtmosC ™ MedWash Pro Rx

AtmosC ™ MedWash Pro Rx

with PFF-9 Technology

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Trusted in the medical field. Proven by our PFF-9 technology to disinfect surfaces against viruses & bacteria
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  • AtmosC MedWash Pro Rx

Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation Technology

The electromagnetic radiation of UV light works with wavelengths that are shorter than visible light to disrupt bacteria, viruses and micro organisms.

Our UV technology is designed to emit UV radiation of a wavelength of 254 nanometers. At this wavelength, biological contaminants cannot survive prolonged exposure to the light.

At the right exposure, the

ultraviolet rays penetrate a cells outer structure and alter its DNA, RNA, proteins and biological components causing Apoptosis (cell death).

Proudly Made in Quebec

Our MEDWash technology has been designed to create a hostile and inhospitable environment for any bacteria, virus or mold spores found on everyday objects all while keeping the world outside our disinfectant units safe from UV exposure.

Why Traditional Disinfection No Longer Works

  • Not cost efficient
  • Repeated purchase of disinfection products sprays, wipes
  • Scented sprays have added hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to humans.
  • Unscented sprays or wipes have an unpleasant cleaning agent smell
  • As per CDC: Traditional cleaners only function in the removal of germs and impurities but does not kill or destroy them
  • They do not disinfect a wide enough range of impurities such as viruses

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