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Destroy pollutants in medical & commercial spaces

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Easy Installation

Requires no additional set up. Requires no installation into ducts or ventilation systems. Starts purifying as soon it is turned on.

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Low Maintenance

The flat, steel exterior is easy to wipe and disinfect. Regular filter replacements required every 4 months.

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No WiFi needed

Works anywhere. No configuration, dropped signal, or reliance on network. Plug and play, that is how simple it is!

AirTower RX is suitable for businesses andlarge commercial areas including office spaces, clinical settings, hospitals,grocery stores, schools, sporting facilities, gyms, food processing,manufacturing sites, indoor farming, animal-care facilities, and more.

The presence of a virus-destroying air purifier like the AirTower can provide reassurance to patients and employees alike. 

AirTower RX Specs

  • Airflow750 – 1000 CFM
  • ControlsVariable speed
  • Filter System2x PFF-9 : Prefilter, CAT-OXI, Act. Carbon, AntiBacterial, Medical Grade HEPA, UV
  • UV LampYes
  • Filter Change Frequency4 months
  • Electrical110V
  • Sounds LevelsLowest: 40 dBa . Highest speed: 85 dBa
  • SizeHeight: 53 in | Width: 20 in | Length: 21 in
  • App Enabledx
  • WiFi Enabledx
  • Cord Length96 inches
  • Weight185 lbs
  • Warranty2-year limited warranty

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